For the longest time, mankind has lived in a state of hypnosis, controlled by a group that lies to us, poisons us, steals from us, abuses us, tricks us into murdering each other, and destroys our health, our liberties and our free time.  This group has remained hidden and therefore safe behind the curtains.  However, times are changing.  People are waking up.  The truth about what’s really happening on this planet is starting to spread…

Once enough people wake up and choose to refuse to comply with the dominators, our shackles will instantly break apart and fall away from us.  It is imperative that everyone does their best to share the truth, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it may be.  By sharing the truth, even with those who are asleep, you are planting seeds which, at some point, will likely sprout into a waking, truth-seeking consciousness.

This is how we will change the world.


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