British Children Describe Satanic Acts

The videos have received probably hundreds of thousands of views, but they keep being taken down.  Another version is below.

Update as of 2/28/15: Google/Youtube decided to remove the original video but guess what?  Thousands of truth seekers downloaded it and are re-uploading it.  A note to the satanic scum who abuse these children:  Your time is coming to an end.

One of the more difficult truths to swallow is the fact that those in power on this planet are pedophiles, child rapists, and murderers of babies and children.  They breed, kidnap, hunt, torture, rape and then murder innocent children and babies.  They drink their blood.  Sound crazy?

The mother of these children needs to keep them safe and close, as they’ve just revealed a few huge secrets of the criminal elite.  However, it’s not just the elite who do this.  This Satanic pyramidal structure goes all the way down to the Satanic Illuminati families who think this type of thing is acceptable.

Preston James from writes: Is there anything these [elites] won’t do for money, power and status? Not much. Let’s see, they torture and murder little infants and children during the semi-annual satanic black mass sacrifices, cut out their hearts and eat them, and drink some of their blood. They kidnap, hold kids in dungeons, starve them, torture them, rape them, and then either use them in ritual sacrifices for the super elites in their occult network or actually hunt them naked and murder them after turning them loose at their hunting ranches and lodges.

Taken from:

This has been going on for hundreds, if not thousands of years.  It’s time to expose these criminals, their heinous acts and stop these crimes against our children once and for all.


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