Bundy Ranch Updates

From the Neil Keenan team:

Cattle Rancher Bundy Knows How To Treat FED Over-Reaching

After the FEDs arrested one of his sons, literally grinding his face
into gravel with their boots on his neck and head, they threw down
Bundy’s 57 year old cancer-survivor sister who was peacefully protesting
these FED goons, ruffing up her knees and hands. These FED thugs
repeatedly tasered his other unarmed son, who just ripped off the wires
and stood his ground in true American cowboy fashion.

But in the end, the Bundys, with the support of about 1,000 citizens and
a few good militia from Nevada and surrounding Western States, won this
battle as the FEDs called off any further cattle round ups and retreated
to the cattle pen housing the 100 head of cattle they had already
absconded. But that was not enough for Bundy. He demanded the FEDs
surrender their weapons and leave the county, and gave them one hour for
a full surrender.

After the hour was up, Bundy led the crowd marching down to the FEDs who
were armed to the teeth in their attempt to protect the absconded
cattle. In the face of bull-horn threats of getting shot, the crowd
continued their march to seize the Bundy cattle with the FEDs
retreating, again, out of the county in a courageous show of the
American people’s power and FED cowardice.

Congratulations to the Bundy Family and to all who showed up and
supported this victory of the American people against this cowardice FED
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Alternative Media Shows Up Mainstream Media

Western States Rising Against Feds

Oath Keepers Founder: We Know It’s Not Over

Harry Reid: “It’s Not Over”

Calling All Oath Keepers to Stand Watch at Bundy Ranch

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes: …We are, however concerned that the domestic enemies of the Constitution that infest the federal government might try to take advantage of folks going home, and attempt to make a move on the Bundy family. We feel certain that they will want to try again at some point, perhaps in a different way, even perhaps by executing a dynamic entry raid to attempt to arrest the Bundys. And we have heard that this is being discussed, though I have not been able to directly confirm it. But it is a real risk.

Therefore, to prevent such a raid, or to at least throw a monkey wrench into any such plans and make it more difficult for them, we’re doing the following:

1: We are calling on all Oath Keepers who can possibly get here to come to the Bundy Ranch to serve as volunteers on an ongoing, rotating watch.
That is not because there is any great emergency, but is a preventative measure – sort of like doing a rotation on the DMZ.

I am urging each and every Oath Keepers member who can, to get here and spend a bit of time to ensure that the Bundys are not alone. We need boots on the ground. We want you here, standing watch, which is appropriate for us Oath Keepers since our motto is “Not on Our Watch.”…

Continues @ http://theresistanceunited.com/2014/04/16/calling-all-oath-keepers-to-stand-watch-at-bundy-ranch/

I’m not sure what I think about the following theory:

Bundy Ranch: Just Another Lesson From the Good Guys

by Bix Weir

Like most major events in the past 5 years the ongoing events at Bundy Ranch have a much bigger agenda than what is on the surface.

Sure, I have heard all the potential meanings of these events from the Conspiracy crowd such as clearing the land for a solar panel farm, securing water rights, a test of our acceptance of Marshall Law and even preparing for a Chinese occupation and there were many more. For each reason there is a string of strange connections that PROVE these reasons to the the REAL REASON for the standoff.

Many have pointed to Harry Reid as being deeply involved…which he is OF COURSE!

But that’s where it dawned on me what was REALLY going on in Nevada. Just as the strange false flags over guns, missing planes and the loss of our liberties seem to point us in one direction the ramifications and actions taken after these events help identify the true agenda.

Take the “Disarming America” issue. Many people point to all the mass murder false flag events as a reason to confiscate the guns from Americans. Even the reports of the Government buying up all the bullets to disarm the people most say is our government trying to take us over.

But what actually happens every time there is a big push to take the guns?


Basically, every time the Government claims to have a reason to go after people’s guns the population LOADS UP!


I believe the SAME THING is going on in Nevada.

Clues can be found in the way the situation is being handled by the Government. After a 20 year battle with the Bundy Family why does the Federal Government throw massive military power behind this situation NOW? Why did they rope off areas to coral protesters with big signs that said “FIRST AMENDMENT AREA” as if everywhere else is not one? Why has Harry Reid come out and said “This isn’t over” clearly provoking the ire and resolve of those involved?

When you stand back it all becomes very clear. Like most false flag type events these days – we are being taught LESSONS. A lesson to prepare us for the coming battle for our Freedom. A lesson about State Rights vs Federal Rights. A lesson to energize our CIVILIAN MILITIAS and show them that they CAN WIN and should be ready to be called into action. A lesson for WE THE PEOPLE that we really DO have the power to stand up to the Federal Government and say “NO MORE” when they try to trample our rights!

Watch for the Bundy Ranch issue to be escalated once again by Reid and the Feds only causing the response by WE THE PEOPLE to grow.

This CAN be a huge turning point for our nation if it plays out…as planned.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Harry Reid Calls Bundy Ranch Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”

(For the past 13 years, the powers that be have slowly but surely shifted the “terrorist” label from so-called Arab hijackers to now the American public.  How does it feel to be a terrorist?)


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