School Students Take Australian PM to Task


While this may seem a tad parochial to some, it’s an indicator of the change that is now underway around the world – our youth.

A group of 14 and 15-year-old Australian school students from Sydney’s inner-city Newtown High do the job that hundreds of mainstream media journalists can’t – they relentlessly take Australia’s leader, Tony Abbott, to task on big global questions such as the environment, the rights of refugees, gay marriage, gender equality, and why a man is the Australian Minister for Women.

This smart, savvy and socially-conscious group of youngsters give us all tangible proof – and hope – that while our governments and leaders continue to pretend to play the old paradigm game, things are definitely changing at the grass roots level. The big questions start at 1:14secs in.

Even though Abbott tries to evade almost every question – at one stage with the entirely sexist “let’s have a bloke’s question” – the new reality continues to hit the PM from the moment he asks if anyone has any questions.

‘ll bet he wishes he never went for a walk outside Australia’s  parliament and bumped into this particular visiting class one day last week.

And here’s a photo of some of those students, taken as they participated in a protest March about those exact same issues in Sydney this past weekend.



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