50+ MPG Cars

All words and images courtesy of Jim Stone.


The following report is intended to be a wake up call for the American
people. There are no tricks here, such as quoting imperial gallons,
referencing tiny cars, electric cars, or even hybrids. These cars are
straight up 50 plus mile per gallon winners which are banned for sale in
the U.S., and if you think you can bring one home, think again, in
America such cars are allowed a 30 day visit upon crossing the border,
after which if they are found on American soil they get impounded and if
not immediately shipped out of the country thereafter they are

Lets get started

– With a combined mileage of 52.8 U.S. mpg and an even higher highway
mpg, the Urban Cruiser SUV crossover by Toyota, which is a European
version of the Scion XD features front wheel drive for the ultimate
mileage and if you are willing to sacrifice and get the 4 wheel drive
version, you will suffer in life with a combined mileage of 48 mpg.

– With a highway mileage of 56 mpg per U.S. gallon, the Nissan Qashqai
SUV crossover would be sure to make any carbon tax junkie shiver with
dread. Fortunately the American version delivers only 26 highway mpg (22
combined) so the local carbon tax tyrant can rest easy.

– With 78.5 imperial miles per gallon highway, the 1.6 blue motion TDI
Volkswagen Passat wagon is definitely forbidden in America, where in the
smaller American gallons it would deliver a carbon tax blood curdling
65.4 highway mpg.


– This is the 261 MPG Volkswagen [hybrid] I mentioned a few months ago.
It ended up getting ridiculed for only achieving a combined mileage of
160 MPG in U.S. gallons (192 combined in Imperial gallons), but come on
now, at that point, WHO CARES. Even at 160 MPG combined, which means the
highway mpg is well into the 200’s, this particular car exposes the fuel
mileage lie so harshly that there is absolutely no recovery or hiding
from the truth, even Europeans are getting scammed at 65 mpg while
Americans are getting more than raped.

If you take the time to wade through all the censorship, you will
eventually discover that there are over 20 full sized cars, including 10
SUV’s that get combined mileage figures over 50 U.S. MPG, and that’s not
counting econoboxes.


Ever heard of a 74mpg Cadillac sized family sedan that is not a hybrid and has no power plug?


Not on the American market but this car does exist. And it proves that hybrids are a scam. This 2013 Seat Toledo is close to the same size as the 2013 4 door Cadillac CTS and it gets an astonishing 74 mpg with what by all accounts is just an ordinary engine. Perhaps all those stories about 80 mpg carburetors were true, because this car proves it can be done.

I have always known that cars should be many times more efficient than they have been allowed to be. There have been plenty of examples of extrordinarily efficient cars, Volkswagen made a little pickup truck that could easily get 60 MPG, and a few of the Geo Metros could get 55 mpg, and then, all of a sudden, hybrids could not seem to squeak out over 45. That is when I knew for sure something was going on, and that our cars were indeed intentionally sabotaged to be as inefficient as possible…

Update: We now have a 300 mile per gallon car available, the Volkswagen XL1:

VW XL1 Concept-2



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