Chem Snow… the MSM’s Reaction and What it Means

The original video where people noticed anomalies with the snow was this one:

Word spread quickly and thousands of others tried the same type of experiment, with similar results.  The next thing that happened was the debunkers came out of the woodwork.  They included Accuweather, Popular Science, local news weathermen, and an army of shills.  The one thing they couldn’t explain, however, was the burning plastic smell, which was consistent regardless of the heat source used.  So like WTC Building 7, they ignored that aspect of the anomalies, and hoped no one would notice.

What I found significant about this incident was the fact that the MSM (mainstream media) was forced to react in a DEFENSIVE manner.  They saw word spreading quickly and it implicated chemtrails as the reason for the anomalies.  They couldn’t have chemtrails being a viral meme so they sent their various attack dogs to try to change the tide of opinion.  This, to me, is a HUGE change.  The people are gaining the power to spread information, and the MSM is being forced to react and counter it.  No longer is the MSM the offensive mind control weapon it used to be.  The power is shifting to the people!